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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sky High / Like and Eagle

Sunday we took our eldest, Dominic, for his first flying lesson. How could I, a person with a fear of heights, a fear of flying, and a fear of large bodies of water; raise this child who has no fear of any of those things? I remember someone jokingly telling me years ago that my kids would have a fear of everything. Ha!!!!! They were so wrong. That man-child took to the air like a baby eagle. He loved it. He flew a Cessna 152 from Bowie to Annapolis and back, and the instructor just took care care of taking off and landing.

Dominic's teacher was excellent. He took a lot of time to talk to all of us before take-off. My younger son had tons of questions and the teacher took the time to answer them all. He also allowed us to take lots of pictures. To say I was proud of this man-child that I gave birth to almost sixteen years ago, does not even begin to describe the joy that I felt at the moment he took off. The evidence that I cut the umbilical cord is below.


 Dominic is passionate about getting his pilot's license, and it is our hope that we can support all our children as they pursue the passions and purposes their Creator has placed in them.  Pray for us, because I don't think flight lessons are cheap.

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