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Monday, September 12, 2011

A Magnificent Day of Math

So, both my boys are doing Life of Fred and loving it. We are laughing about Math. Well, really they are laughing and I'm fussing, because they won't slow down. J, my eight year old asked, "Can I stop at chapter seven?" We just received the book this weekend and started it this morning. The child would not stop reading about Fred, the character on whom all the book are based.

I truly wanted to get to other subjects today, but I was hood-winked by an  eight year old who considers himself a mathematician. Need I say, I did not win that battle. But isn't this one of the goals of education -to develop such a thirst for knowledge that the kids want to keep learning. I know Charlotte Mason prefers to leave them thirsting for more, but maybe we'll do that tomorrow.

These books are written by Dr. Stanley Schmidt who is a former Math teacher. I've emailed him with questions and he has responded promptly. He truly believes that kids are smart enough to not have to do 40 problems to "get it".  His philosophy is to make math logical, clear, and loads of fun. Guess what ? It works. Did I mention the literature and odd bits of trivia that are included in this series? 

Check it out here:

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  1. I must admit, Fred really intrigues me. Off for a look.