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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Gift of Sunshine

If you know my Princess Sunshine, you know she loves to be outside, playing in the sun, and squishing soil between her toes. On the other days, she's gathering pine cones or gifting me with dandelion bouquets. And yet on other days, we're singing songs and baking bread. Who knew mothering a girl could bring such joy? Oh, I've got Boy Joy @Mama Monica, but there's something about a girl! 

Gathering pine cone

Planting seeds and singing songs.
I hope she remembers some of this 
when she's old and I'm no longer here: 
days spent planting and harvesting, 
cooking and baking, 
singing and laughing, 
drawing and coloring, 
sewing and cleaning, 
cuddling and reading.
I hope these memories will 
be  as close to her heart
 as they are to mine.

Making scrambled eggs alone.

She must know how to fry dumplins.

I hope she remembers 
how much I love her, 
and how much I 
look forward to seeing 
the woman she'll become- 
this big-hearted 
Jesus loving,
earth girl,
and gardener.

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