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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Want This One

Saturday I found at myself at the most delightful, yet overpriced store that I think I've mentioned in a prior post. I was with my daughter and a friend. I have a girl who knows her style and exactly what she wants every time. So, my sweet little pumpkin pie saw a lovely lunch bag with the cutest pink giraffe on it. She immediately expressed her desire to have it, and I immediately countered my desire not to spend $30 on a lunch bag for a four year old who stayed home all day.

It got ugly quickly, fortunately I'm not a mother who is scared of ugly. I quickly expressed to my little girl that we didn't need to buy one, because I could make her one. She said, "But I want this one." I told her that I could make her one, or she could have none. Argument closed. Unfortunately she remembered right when her put her to bed on Saturday night. Arrrgggh! I gave my word, so I had to forego a good's night rest to make her a lunch bag.

E picked the fabrics and I went to work. I was sleepy, but I am a mama of my word, so when she woke up, she had her bag. She was not impressed at first, because she said it looked like a bag and not a  lunch bag. I told her she didn't want a lunch bag that looked like everyone else's and if she didn't want it, I would give it to one of her best friends. At first, she said okay, but I think it grew on her. By the time I came downstairs Sunday morning, Daddy had already packed her snacks in the bag. Whew! Crisis averted. The truth is, I would've kept the bag for myself anyway.

My friends all know, that I will not pay for something I can do myself, and for the things I can't, I will find a bargain. I don't always show wisdom when shopping (See the online store that starts with a "z" and rhymes with fulily). Must stay away from that place.We all desire to be that Proverbs 31 woman, but the truth of the matter is that takes sacrifice, and we have to be willing to do the hard things like making the bag rather than spending frivolously.  The best part of this is experience is that I got to teach my daughter the importance of evaluating a purchase and creating what she needs with her own hands. She may not understand right now, but someday she will.

The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish ones tears her down.
Proverbs 14:1

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