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Thursday, October 27, 2011

More from the Sabbath Week . . .

If you missed yesterday's post, this week is our Sabbath week in our homeschool. We hope you're encouraged to try this concept in your own homes and see the huge difference it makes in moral. Tuesday we decided to visit Fort McHenry in Baltimore, with our homeschooling buddies. 

I could go on and on about how patriotic we felt. Instead I'll just say that I felt very grateful to have stood where great men fought, and some died, to defend the freedoms we enjoy today. I hope to get a guest blogger whose name I won't mention to discuss this topic further. 

My kids were very excited because  we had seen the flag that was the muse for Francis Scott Key's penning of the Star Spangled Banner when we visited the American History Museum. They were already aware of it's significance, and the time spent at the fort, greatly solidified these historical events in their young minds. If you're not feeling patriotic yet. Listen to Ms. Whitney's tribute below.

Can you imagine standing at the fort almost two hundred years ago, and looking out across the water and seeing nothing but the Union Jack flying high above numerous ships of the Royal British navy? These guys were an elite fighting force, as opposed to some of the soldiers at the Fort who were only volunteers. I looked out and felt strongly that God's divine providence alone, allowed the 1,000 defenders of Baltimore to withstand the bombardment by the British navy on that day in 1814.

The children also had the opportunity to earn their Junior Ranger Badges and ended up racing all over the Fort to find the answers to the worksheet questions they needed to complete. I'll post more pictures from the decent cameras later. These were taken by my phone. It was an awesome day. Big thanks to the rangers who work hard every day to teach us about and protect our nation's historic treasures. I hope you're inspired to go and visit Fort McHenry soon. 

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