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Friday, January 13, 2012

Have you ever had . . .

Photo courtesy: Joyce Bidi

. . . a situation come up, where you panicked first and trusted God second? Well I had that today. Something came up and I had to clean up our house very quickly. I was angry and resentful that this had been thrust upon me, while hubby was at work. How could he? I began to think of all the ways, he could have made this easier for us by following through, but the truth is I could have done the same. Why didn't I take the time to breathe a quick prayer? Another truth is if I'd been flying with FlyLady ( rather than fluttering like a new-born birdie, this would not have happened.

I know it works, so why I don't I just do it. I'm sure my kids would rather have Sweet Happy Mom over Evil Dragon Mom any day. FlyLady works. Last night I took the time to sweep and steam clean my floor because that's what FlyLady said. I even shined my sink, but it was not enough. I was still living in Chaos. I've been doing little things like a load of laundry per day, and cleaning my bathroom most mornings; but let's keep it real; It takes more than occasional obedience to reap the grand reward of a clean house. Needless to say today, we were in crisis cleaning mode, and I'm not beating myself up 'cause I had to clean, I'm upset because I was impatient with the child that does not deal well with stress.

I remembered enough to hit my hot spots and not look for perfection, but a decent presentation. Everything was not perfect, but I was satisfied that we did the best we could with the time and resources we had. It could have been much worse. Compliments on the decor of our home abounded. I can't say much more, but I'm grateful that God used this to remind me 1)to keep my house clean 2)to trust God and his provisions that are there to help me along the way 3) the opinions that should truly matter to me the most are those of the people I live with, even the little ones. All I can say is LESSON LEARNED.

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