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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Can we Take a Moment For Truth?

The truth is I started this post weeks ago; back when the governor of the state of Maryland signed a bill that redefined marriage here. The truth is this post was going to be all about that, but really I have something so much more important to say. More than anything else in the world, I just want more of Jesus. When I shared that with someone their response was that I already had him. How can I explain that I feel like David when he said, "My soul longs for you, it thirsts for you."

I want Jesus more than anything else in the world; more than I want equality and world peace, because I know that without him, none of those things are truly possible.

Yesterday, our maintenance guy asked me if I was happy and he was taken aback by my response which was "I won't truly be happy 'til Jesus returns."

He said, "Don't you think God wants you to be happy?"

I know that can be a tricky question in an age where religion is all about prosperity and happiness, but I said, "My Bible tells me that God is calling me to be Holy." He told me that I was just too deep. I guess I am, kind of. . .

The more I read scripture the more I'm convinced that what we need is not more of anything but Jesus. With him we'll love more, we'll automatically care for the poor and hungry. We'll want what he wants and we won't respond to hate with hate, but with love instead. We won't respond to racism with reverse racism, but with love instead. We'll stand for truth with the understanding that we won't have true justice until Christ returns.

But in the mean time, I want to live a life that pleases him; one that worships him in spirit and in truth for HE is SPIRIT and he is TRUTH.

Loving Him and Loving You,


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