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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Yes, a person is a fool . . .

to store up earthly wealth, but not have a rich relationship with God."~Luke 12:21

You know how we're not suppose to get all attached to our stuff? Well, I've been talking so much lately about the over-abundance of stuff in our lives and my desire to be less plugged in than society dictates. I mean I wasn't so bad. We have cable and super high-speed internet, 4 different computers (only 3 really work), two of the newest Droids by Motorola on the network that's taking over the world, and then there's my kindle.

So my husband(the techie) and I sat down to discuss ways to cut cost and save on our bills. Well, I looked at the $230 cell bill and almost passed out. Then I there I decided to quit the super contract requiring cell provider and find something else. My brother, who is as financially fit as anyone I know, sent me his Boost phone. I had talked big for days, weeks even, on how I didn't want to be controlled by some big company that overcharges customers at every opportunity.

I finally made the switch yesterday and it was more difficult than I imagined. I mean, I went from a Motorola Droid X to a Samsung Seek - big difference. I had phone nightmares last night. I lost sleep over a phone. Well, there's was the congested four year old who couldn't breathe that didn't help me rest, but whenever I closed my eyes, I was assailed by visions of my phone destiny. Is that crazy or what? I don't have Facebook, My Space or anything else. Well, I do have a twitter account that I use every few months, but I'm the most disconnected person I know.  Yet, I had anxiety about letting my phone/video camera/ camera/ google navigator, super-web accessor, amazon marketplace, NFL network . . .Need I go on.

Pray for me. I know the bill being cut in half is going to make me feel good, but for right now I feel like I've lost something valuable. I've also gained something though, the right to spend more time being present with my kids and less time being connected to stuff that makes no eternal difference.

Love to you,


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